Fashion Trends and Influence: Early 2000s

Oh, the early 2000s, what a time to be alive! It was a time when the internet was just starting to gain momentum, and flip phones were all the rage. But most importantly, it was a time when fashion was...interesting, to say the least. Let's take a trip down memory lane and revisit the trends that defined the early 2000s and today... withstanding the quick turnarounds of internet fashion trends.

First up, we have the infamous low-rise jeans. These were the pants that were so low, they might as well have been a skirt. They were popularized by pop stars like Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera, who paired them with belly-baring tops to really show off their midriffs. But what influenced this trend? I have a theory: it was all those low-rise thongs that were also popular at the time. I mean, why wear a regular pair of pants when you can wear a pants-thong combo? adding an extra pop of color never hurt no one.

Next, we have the velour tracksuit. Juicy Couture was the brand that made this trend famous, and it quickly became a staple in every fashion-conscious woman's wardrobe. I mean, who wouldn't want to wear an outfit that simultaneously made you look like you were about to hit the gym and lounge on a couch all day? But who influenced this trend? Paris Hilton. She was the queen of the early 2000s, and if she wore a velour tracksuit, you can bet your bottom dollar that everyone else was going to wear one too. Juicy Couture is now making a comeback to their traditional sweat suit world of velvet sweatpants and zip-ups, Uggs, and a handbag with a small dog to hide in.

Another trend that dominated the early 2000s was the mini skirt. And when I say mini, I mean mini. These skirts were so short, you had to be careful not to bend over too far, or you might give everyone a show. But what influenced this trend? I think it was a combination of things. For one, the 90s grunge aesthetic was still going strong, and what better way to rebel against that than by showing some leg? But I also think it had to do with the rise of reality TV. Shows like The Simple Life and Laguna Beach featured young, attractive people who were constantly out and about, and what better way to show off your socialite status than by wearing a mini skirt and a graphic tee about how much you hate your ex? Now... 20 years later, the new rendition of the mini skirt "ironic" look is back and stronger than ever. Small brands like "OGBFF" have brought in the screen printing version of the mini skirt and other internet hot girl looks. Bringing back the traditional "bimbo" look that is being chased now.

Moving on, we have the denim-on-denim look. This trend was all about layering as much denim as possible, and it was often paired with some kind of cowboy hat or boots. But what influenced this trend? I have a theory: it was Justin Timberlake and Britney Spears. You might remember their iconic matching denim outfits from the 2001 American Music Awards. I'm pretty sure that moment single-handedly sparked the denim-on-denim trend. Besides a traditional couple halloween costume, there is still some use to denim on denim, other than the infamous "Canadian Tuxedo" - classic looks are still being seen in on the runway and in those front seats of VIPs.

Last but not least, we have the trucker hat. This was a trend that was popularized by Ashton Kutcher and his MTV show, Punk'd. It was all about wearing a hat that looked like it belonged to a trucker, even if you had never set foot in a big rig in your life. But what influenced this trend? I think it had to do with the rise of reality TV once again. Shows like Punk'd and The Osbournes featured celebrities who were more relatable than ever before, and wearing a trucker hat was a way to show that you were just a regular person, even if you were wearing $300 jeans and carrying a $1,000 handbag. Celebrities... they're just like us!

So there you have it, the trends that defined the early 2000s and still very much today. Coincidentally, we just so happen to created the perfect store to bring back these trends in your own style with the actual items of 2000's closets here in Jamaica Plain at Diversity Consignment. The cycle of fashion trends always come back to bite us in the ass, whether we like it or not. Stock up on your graphic tees and mini skirts now.

Written by Madison Murillo

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